What do I need to access Netflix in South Africa?

Due to some geographical restrictions on most international live streaming websites, like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. You will need some software or settings that will change the way websites reads your geographical location, to unlock such services as Netflix in South Africa.

First things first, make sure you have a fast enough Internet Line, for Netflix you most likely need a minimum of a 2MB/s line. You will not be able to stream in Full HD with that line speed, but the quality will not be bad at all, probably between 480 and 720p. Unless your ISP is throttling you.
Then make sure you have enough data available on your account, i.e. make sure you have a big enough cap with your ISP or have an uncapped connection, as streaming does take allot of data out of your account, especially if you are streaming in HD or even 4K.

The next step is then to get a service such as UnblockUs to change your Geo location of your internet connection. You can sign up for a free trail here to try it out, but here at netflixsouthafrica.co.za we have tested allot of different service providers and we can’t recommend any other service than UnblockUS. They have the highest speed, best support and easiest set up process of all the providers we have tested.

Then you need to Sign up to which ever streaming service you want to access and viola you will be able to stream Netflix in South Africa or any other you want to watch.

Signup here to access a free trail for the unblocking service and you will be good to go.

PS: once you have that setup, we recommend you try other blocked services Like Pandora and HBO Now that will also have been blocked before.

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