Netflix in South Africa, why you should look into it.

To watch Netflix in South Africa is now possible with the help of services like these to unblock geographical Restriction. Therefor it is important to start looking at it as a real alternative to what you already have.

So what is Netflix? Netflix is a subscription service that allows you to stream Movies, TV Series and Documentaries over the internet on any of your digital devices, be it your computer, smart TV, Smart Phone or Tablet. It is however a little more than that. You can rate what you watch how much you like something and then over time based on these rating the system makes personalised recommendations for you. Another great feature, you will not have to remember where you left off watching each TV series. Even if it is in the middle of an episode. Also if you start watching on another device it will pick up where you left off. You will have to pay a subscription every month, but it is a fraction of what Satellite TV costs in South Africa

So how do you go about accessing it? Well first you need to sign up for an unblock service. That you will be able to at a service such as this. This is the one we recommend as it will be a complete solution for all your devices. It will cost you just under five dollars per month. After that you set it up on your router, phone or computer and you will be able to sign up to Netflix from South Africa.

Not only will you be able to sign up for Netflix in South Africa. But it will allow you to sign up for services such as Pandora and Spotify from South Africa. This is a real alternative to Rdio that is shutting down.

So sign up for a free trail here and see how much you have been missing out on.

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