Netflix in South Africa, How to watch all their original content

As most of you have heard Netflix is producing a lot of new original content that is hard to get your hands on. Netflix in South Africa is hard to access. So if you want to watch their great shows. How do you access it in South Africa.

The answer to your question is very similar to all our other articles and it comes to signup for a service like this to help you unblock sites like Netflix. Due to some geographical restrictions on sites like Netflix it is not possible to access it with a South African ip address.

As stated above you need to first get a service that changes your ip address. This you can do here. It is not very expensive. Then you need to set it up on your router or individual machine, like your iPad, Smart TV, Cell phone or laptop.  After you have set up the unblocker you will be able to access sites like Netflix from South Africa.

You can just signup for a trail to see if it works for you, and if it does feel free to continue using it. It is easy to set up and will unlock a world of entertainment and freedom, not only for movies and series, but also for music apps such as Pandora. Especially now since Rdio is closing dow, which is a shame for South African users.

Keep in mind though that the subscription to unblock Netflix does not automatically give you a Netflix account it is two separate products that you pay individually and each one has their own independent terms of use. This also means that if you cancel one service, it does not mean you cancel the other service automatically. You have to individually cancel the services.

Give it a try now and signup for the free trail here.

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