Is it worth getting Netflix in South Africa ?

Netflix in South Africa is a real alternative to the traditional way of watching TV in South Africa. With the popularity of smart TV’s and media devices like the Google Chromecast or Apple TV, on demand services like Netflix and Hulu are becoming a real alternative.

The biggest problem is still that Netflix is not available in South Africa if you just normally try to access it. You will need an Unblocking service like we recommend on this website.

It is a cheap way to unblock not just Netflix in South Africa, but also other previously locked services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Showtime and Pandora. Just keep in mind that it does not cover the premiums of the websites you subscribe to, but just the service that helps you unblock it.

So why is it a real alternative? Well, like we mentioned above, the price is very competitive compared to satellite TV in South Africa, even with the subscription fee to the provider such as Netflix and the Unblocking Service. However you also get a fully on demand service, which means you can watch what you want when you want, and just continue any time where you left off. No need to worry about remembering where you stopped to watch your favourite series last time.

Then you will also get access to the latest Netflix Original Series like House of Cards, Orange is the new black, Marvel’s new Daredevil Series or Sense8. Which all becomes available when it is released. That means every episode is instantly available when a new series comes out, no need to wait a week for a new episode. So if you want to binge watch you can.

So Signup for the Unblock service here now. And unlock a world of entertainment.


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